VC UMW Prof. Dr. IU Khan Visits Local College in Mianwali

VC UMW Prof. Dr. IU Khan visited and local college in Mianwali on a special invitation and meets the faculty and addressed the students and told about the exceptional performance on the university with in no time.
With that he also invited and encouraged students to join UMW practically implementing his vision to provide international standard education specially to the locals of Mianwali.

Study Trip to NovaMed - Department of Chemistry

A study tour was arranged by the Department of Chemistry on 26 December ‎‎2021. The purpose of this study tour was to provide the students a chance to ‎see the manufacture & distribution of various medicines & drugs at laboratory ‎& commercial level. Novamed Healthcare (Private) Ltd. Lahore was chosen for ‎study tour purpose. This tour benefited the students in many ways; it not only ‎gained the knowledge about manufacture of various multivitamin & other ‎medicines but also they got some good demonstration about their future carrier ‎as a Chemist in Pharmaceutical industries. After the whole day learning ‎activity the students were taken to Lahore Safari Zoo where they refreshed by ‎having a look at different exotic birds & animals kept in natural environment. ‎This successful study tour reflects the fact that the University of Mianwali ‎strives to elevate its students to the requirements of modern world of science ‎and to provide the world with high quality scholars

Dengue Prevention Spray at UMW

Anti Dengue activity carried out through the University campus, ensuring to the spread of dengue larva within campus

World Fisheries Day 2021

World Fisheries Day, celebrated on November 21, is dedicated to highlighting the critical importance of healthy ocean ecosystems and to ensure sustainable stocks of fisheries in the world. Fishing communities celebrate this day through rallies, workshops, public meetings, cultural dramas, exhibitions, and music shows. It is celebrated to draw attention towards the importance of aquatic creature in our daily life and significance of protein in our diet. There are many challenges which fisheries are facing nowadays. To overcome these Punjab fisheries department also celebrate this day annually on 21November to generate awareness regarding fisheries in public. Events are hosted by Punjab fisheries department in school colleges and universities.
To generate awareness in public about the importance of fisheries as students are our future leading man power.
Students learnt about importance of fisheries and conservation of endangered species in local water and how they could play their role in fisheries
        A cross question has been held in which students asked question related to fisheries from worthy Director of Punjab fisheries department biodiversity Chashma barrage and he answered  the queries of students.

Dirctor:                      Dr Ehsan Mehmood Bhatti
                                    Punjab Fisheries Department Biodiversity Chashma Barrage
Deputy Director:       Ashir Azeem
                                    Biodiversity hatchery Chashma Barrage

Study Tour - Department of Zoology

A study tour was arranged by the Department of Zoology. The main objective of this study tour was to explore, demonstrate and familiarize the students with animal creature. This tour benefited the students in many ways; it not only gained the knowledge about diverse species of animals but also amused themselves with the visit of Lake view (Birds Park), Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Monument, Jinnah Park and Ayub Park. This successful tour corresponds the fact that University of Mianwali endeavors to provide disciplined and learned scholars and researchers to the world.

Study Visit To NovaMed Pharmaceutical By Chemistry Department