Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration University of Mianwali has been active in providing candidates with systematic knowledge and understanding of the principles of business and market dynamics. The two degree programs are designed on team based learning, class presentations, case studies, field research reports and other reference materials, to combine academic theories with practical complications, seminars and workshops on current economic and business developments are also organized in the Department. The Department of business administration is intended in providing quality and research oriented business education since day first. To keep pace with the dynamic world of business and business education, the department of business administration is accelerating in both ways, one, the department is expanding in its educational program by introducing MBA Programs and BBA (HONS) four years Program. Another development is bringing about a change in its curriculum, which is in compliance with the international education policy. The students are capable of all those disciplines which are the necessity of the day. Degree Conferred personalities of the department in the discipline of Finance, Accounting, Marketing & Human Resource management (HRM) are well received by corporate sector. It is expected that this change in nomenclature of the course would be well received by the corporate and would add more to the placement activities of our students. Academic year is divided into two semesters based on classroom lectures, research work, presentations and report writing etc. GPA evaluation system is there to grade student in such a way that they are accepted internationally. Minimum CGPA requirement to obtain the degree is 2.00.

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Dr. Abdul Qayyum

Incharge/ Lecturer