Department of Education

Department of Education was established in 2012 in the response to the growing needs of teacherís studentís education in district Mianwali. Teacher-Education plays a very vital role in shaping up the society and competence of prospective teachers. It is therefore essential for them to be adequately equipped with the required skills that would enable them to perform perfect and much required role in the environment of Mianwali. The Department of Education is one of the pioneering department of Sub-Campus Mianwali which has been offering M.Phil. Education, MA Education, B.Ed, and M.Ed Degree Programs in the light of HEC guide lines and also keeping in the view the new Education policy 2009. Another strong motivation for launching department of Education was to compete with those institutions which have turned the teacher Education into tool of making money. With this view University took upon itself as a national responsibility to serve the Education by producing the graduate who would be well-versed in their professional skills. The core mission of the Department of education is to explore the hidden potentials of the youth of this area and to instill a sprit in them to compete with advance world and to enable them to solve the national issues within the cultural and traditional values of the country. In its sincere endeavor the Department of Education will be striving hard to provide an opportunity to the people of Mianwali and the adjacent area to embark on the journey of knowledge, scientific learning and to provide competent professionals who can contribute to the socioeconomic uplift of country.

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Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan Niazi

Incharge/ Assistant Professor