Department of CS & IT

With state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, highly qualified faculty, and congenial educational environment, the Department Computer Science & Information Technology provides quality education. The Department offers well-equipped air-conditioned computer labs, high speed internet connectivity, multimedia classrooms, and access to digital library for advance research journals / articles. Through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, the department encourages students to build their managerial, creative & soft skills. The major research focus of the department includes machine learning, knowledge-based systems, formal methods, network security, genetic algorithms, etc. The instantaneous advancement in computer science and information technologies has enabled organizations to utilize IT as a tool for achievement of rapid progress. Graduate trained with recent technologies and knowledge is essential for the organizations and community to tackle recent challenges. Practical training is the basic goals of the offered degree programs. Students are trained according to computer and information technology industrial requirements and future technologies during the final year of their degree program. This type of training help students to gain variety of benefits include developing skills, work experience and applying theoretical knowledge into practice. Alumni of department are providing their services through teaching, research and development in various national and international organization including software industry, education sector, universities, and other famous companies. Undergraduate enrollment is approximately 500 in Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. Faculty and students are involved in research and development projects to facilitate the multidisciplinary research challenges with modern computation techniques.

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Asghar Nadeem

Incharge/ Assistant Professor