Poteniostate/ Galvanostate

Interface 1010E – This model includes everything available for running any type of electrochemical experiment. It provides

  • Flexible and Powerful – 9 Current ranges from 1 A down to 10 nA.
  • Floating – Designed from the ground up to provide true floating capability. Easily measure grounded electrodes, grounded cells, or multiple working electrodes in a shared electrolyte.
  • Easily Transported – Weighing a mere 2 kg and carried as easily as a book, the Interface 1010 continues Gamry’s tradition of pairing capability with portability.
  • Low Noise – Gamry is the world leader in designing low-noise potentiostats. The Interface 1010 continues this tradition with an exception < 20 mV noise specification.
  • Upgradeable – Increase the capabilities of your instrument as your needs grow. Gamry’s tiered models let you upgrade from an Interface 1010B to a 1010E. The 1010T can even be upgraded to a 1010E

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