Resident Auditor Office


Resident Auditor shall be appointed on Deputation for each term of three years by the syndicate amongst the panel recommended by the Government.
No expenditure shall be made from the University Fund unless a bill for payment has in the prescribed manner, been audited by the Resident Auditor in conformity with the Statutes, Regulations and Rules.
The annual statement of accounts of the University signed by the Treasurer and the Resident Auditor shall be submitted to the Government within six months of the closing of the financial year.

This office performs to conduct pre audit of all kinds of contingent payments related to university funds and resources as well as self support funds. This office audits financial transactions, accounts and records to ensure accuracy,  compliance with policies and regulatory adherence while assessing internal controls and risk management processes.


Muhammad Zahid Khan

Resident Auditor

Samar Abbas

Junior Auditor


0459-920270 (112)

Office No. 3, Admin Block (First Floor)

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