A scholarship is a type of financial aid awarded to students seeking to further their education. They can be awarded on a different basis but most commonly on the basis of academic merit or need for financial aid to cover tuition fees etc.

The applications for the Scholarships and financial award will be submitted to financial aid office of the university on prescribed application form (with all supporting documents). The University Scholarships and Financial Award Committee will approve the applications after conducting interviews and assessment of supporting documents or evidence submitted by the applicant along with the application form. The financial aid office will prepare a list of applicants who have been successful and granted award or assistance for onward dispatch to the office of the Treasurer, University of Mianwali for record and further process.

  1. The Financial aid office will inform applicants about the award or termination of aid through emails, SMS or notice boards.
  2. The false information provided by the student will result in one or all of the following, based on the decision of the University Scholarships and Financial Award Committee:
    • Cancellation of admission
    • Rustication from the University
    • Disqualification for award of any future scholarship/financial aid
    • Refund of all the payment received and/or a penalty equal to total amount of scholarship.
  1. The University Scholarships and Financial Award Committee will recommend the fee concession and/or financial aid, which will be applicable only on tuition fee.
  2. Any student will not be allowed to apply for more than one scholarship or grant in any case.
  3. Students who got admission in self support programs will be ineligible to apply for the scholarships or financial aid.
  4. The decision of the university scholarships and financial award committee regarding award or termination of scholarship and financial award will be final and may not be appealed at any forum.
  5. Scholarship or financial award may be applicable for one semester or one year depending upon the approval of authorities of the University of Mianwali.
  6. The grants of scholarship and financial award will be approved or rejected as per rules adopted by the University Scholarships and Financial Award Committee keeping in view the financial resources of the University of Mianwali and the number of applicants applied for the scholarships and financial assistance.
  7. The students with the status of probation, withdraw, freeze etc. will lose the award immediately.




Ehsaas Scholarship

PEEF Scholarship

Pakistan Bait ul Mal Scholarship

HEC Need Based Scholarship


Miss Rakhshanda Rasheed

Focal Person Scholarship & Financial Aid

Office No. 1, Academic Block-I

Contact: 0459-920270 Ext 119