Syndicate Meeting Held at University of Mianwali

A significant Syndicate Meeting convened at the University of Mianwali, drawing together key stakeholders including Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, the esteemed Vice Chancellor of the institution, alongside the Treasurer, Controller of Examinations, and the Director of Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC). This pivotal gathering served as a platform for deliberation on crucial matters pertaining to the university’s governance, academic policies, financial management, and quality assurance initiatives. Under the leadership of Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, discussions were held to chart the strategic direction of the university, ensuring alignment with its vision of academic excellence, innovation, and societal impact. The Treasurer provided insights into financial matters, emphasizing prudent resource allocation to support the university’s mission. The Controller of Examinations presented updates on examination procedures and academic assessments, reaffirming the institution’s commitment to maintaining academic standards. Additionally, the Director of QEC shared insights on ongoing quality enhancement efforts aimed at fostering continuous improvement across all facets of university operations. The collaborative spirit and dedication exhibited during the Syndicate Meeting underscored the university’s collective commitment to advancing its academic mission and serving the educational needs of its stakeholders.

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