Visit of Department of Zoology to Chashma Fish Biodiversity and Hatchery Department

Department of Zoology, University of Mianwali, organized a tour to Chashma Fish Biodiversity and Hatchery Department on 31st October, 2023 as part of academic curriculum. The objective was to provide students with practical insights into the fisheries industry and its significance in the broader context of environmental sustainability and food security. This study tour was initiated under the visionary leadership of the Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, support of Dr. Zahida Nasreen (Incharge, Department of Zoology) and Dr. Imrana Amir (Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology) Students of BS and M. Sc Zoology visited the Fish Hatchery for Induced Breeding, Fish Museum (having preserved samples), Biochemistry lab, Pathology lab as well as Quality and control department at Research and Training Institute. Mr. Muhammad Wajahat Ameer (Deputy Director Fisheries Fish Biodiversity and Hatchery Chashma, Mianwali) warmly welcomed the faculty members and all students. He briefed the students about different units of the centre. During practical demonstration of Induced Fish Breeding Mr. Muhammad Wajahat Ameer guided the students about the procedure of selection, acclimatization of fishes and artificial egg fertilization. Fisheries experts discussed various aspects of fishery management, aquaculture practices, and sustainable fishing techniques. This experience not only enhanced the academic knowledge of students but also instilled a greater appreciation for the complex interplay between human activities and aquatic ecosystems.  Such activities  reflects the contribution of university of Mianwali in producing skilled graduates meeting the requirements of Job market and entrepreneurship development of aquaculture industry in this area.

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