Academic Calendar 2023-202​4

The competent authority has been pleased to approve the following Academic Calendar 2022–2023 for implementation in the University of Mianwali:

Fall Semester 2023

Event DetailsDate
Registration/Commencement of Classes30th October 2023 (Monday)
Iqbal Day9th November 2023 (Thursday)
Winter Vacation 18th to 29th December 2023
Quaid Day25th December 2023 (Monday)
Mid Term Examination (Start Date)2nd January 2024 (Monday)
Last date to submit Mid-term Marks26th January 2024 (Friday)
Kashmir Day5th February 2024 (Monday)
Annual Sports Gala 20th to 22th February 2024 (Tuesday to Thursday)
Last date to submit students’ attendance record of Semester and sessional Marks (before final examination)7th March 2024 (Thursday)
Final Examination (Start Date)11th March 2024 (Monday)
Pakistan Day23rd March 2024 (Saturday)
Result Declaration29th March 2024 (Friday)

Spring Semester 2024

Event DetailsDate
Registration/Commencement of Classes1st April 2024 (Monday)
Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays*10th to 12rd April 2024 (Wednesday to Friday) *
Labour day1st May 2024 (Wednesday)
Mid Term Examinations (Start Date)20th May 2024 (Monday)
Last date to submit Mid-term Marks31st May 2024 (Friday)
Eid-ul-Adha & Summer Holidays*17th to 30th June 2024
Youm-e- Ashura (9th and 10th Muharram) *18th and 19th July 2024 (Thursday and Friday) *
Last date to submit students’ attendance record of Semester and sessional Marks (before final examination)8th August 2024 (Thursday)
Final Examinations (Start Date)12th August 2024 (Monday)
Independence Day14th August 2024 (Wednesday)
Result Declaration26th August 2024 (Monday)

Summer Semester 2024

Event DetailsDate
Registration (Start Date)26th August-2nd September 2024 (Monday to Monday)
Commencement/ coaching of classes29th August 2024 (Thursday)
Défense Day6th September 2024 (Friday)
Milad-un-Nabi (12th of Rabi ul Awal) *16th September 2024 (Monday)*
Mid Term Examination25th September to 27th September 2024 (Wednesday to Friday)
Final Examination23rd October to 25th October 2024
(Wednesday to Friday)
Result Declaration29th October 2024 (Tuesday)

*Subject to the sighting of the moon.

The standard operating procedures (SOPs) detailed hereunder shall be observed for the efficient implementation of Academic Calendar.

  1. Provision of curricula and syllabi of each course along with weekly breakup, examination scheme and strategies to all the students within first week of each semester.
  2. Development and maintenance of course file of each course by the concerned teacher to be offered in the relevant semester.
  3. For completion of curricula of syllabi and course credit hour requirement Saturday and Sunday may be included for teaching purposes (if needed).
  4. All the SOPs regarding the COVID-19 must be followed and observed.

SOP’s for Summer Semester 2024

  1. Students who have completed the Spring Semester 2023 shall be eligible for registration in 1–2 courses upto 08 credit hours to improve/pass the fail/withdrawn/incomplete courses of previous semesters. Course registration proforma is available on University of Mianwali website.
  2. The contact hours per week during the Summer Semester will be doubled to ensure 64/48/32 hours of teaching for 4/3/2 cr hr course, respectively.
  3. If minimum of 20 students are registered for a course only then their time table shall be arranged by the Department. For a 3 credit hour course, 6 hours per week shall be taught by the teacher, and for a 2 cr hr course, 4 hours per week shall be taught by the teacher.
  4. If less than 20 students are registered for a course then Guided Study Model will be implemented.
  5. The course registration proforma (annexed) shall be implemented to keep the record of registered subjects/courses.
  6. A student shall pay Rs. 6000/- per course/subject through challan form in University fee account.
  7. A teacher can take maximum of two (02) courses in Summer Semester. However, there is no limit for courses/subjects without classes (for a teacher to evaluate the students).
  8. All regular semester conditions shall apply for evaluation including Mid, Final, Practical, Sessional etc. for courses with classes, whereas Mid, Final, Practical (sessional marks remains same or proportional) for subjects without classes.
  9. Remuneration of the faculty shall be made as per rules.
  10. A list of registered students shall be forwarded to the office of the Registrar, University of Mianwali within 10 days after the last date of registration.
  11. For completion of course credit hour requirement Saturday and Sunday may be included for teaching purposes (if needed).

The University reserves the right to make any change in the schedule, as required.