Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization



The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization has recently been established at the University to invite and encourage meaningful and outcome-based research by students and faculty with the purpose of strengthening linkages between academia, civil society and industry.

The ORIC has the responsibilities to:

1. Locate and identify opportunities for grants for research for the faculty members to apply for funding.

2. Facilitate faculty members to apply for travel grants.

3. Provide administrative, financial management and legal support of research grants.

4. Channelize research, support its commercialization, licensing, branding and marketing.

5. Hold lectures, and seminars with expert guest speakers and trainers to create awareness about emerging opportunities, latest trends and themes for research across faculties of the university.


To become a driving force behind outcome-based research, its innovation and commercialization to help create opportunities for the nation’s economic growth.


  1. The ORIC will facilitate and sponsor every department of the university to organize lectures and seminars.
  2. The ORIC will facilitate initiatives related to Capacity Building for faculty in areas of Academics, Research, Innovation, and Technology.
  3. The ORIC will facilitate faculty and students in travel grants for research seminars/ conferences across the country.
  4. The ORIC, will arrange academia-industry events of research display.

Resources of the ORIC:

Research Repository: 

UMW Digital Repository (This is the brief introduction of the repository to be displayed on the UMW website)

You are welcome to the Digital Repository of UMW.

The digital repository of UMW is in access. To access the full contents of the research publication, you’d need to request a copy, the competent authorities of the university hold the right to approve. Kindly, email at

Labs and Resources for Research:

Department of Physics

Department of Microbiology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Zoology

Department of Botany

Function and role of the Steering Committee is as follows:

The Steering Committee of the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization, University of Mianwali, Pakistan, is a vital administrative body responsible for overseeing and guiding the strategic direction and decision-making processes of the university. Composed of esteemed individuals representing various stakeholders, the committee ensures effective governance and the overall advancement of the university’s goals and objectives.

The committee is typically headed by the Vice-Chancellor, who serves as the chief executive and academic officer of the university. They provide leadership and vision, working closely with other members to ensure the smooth functioning of the institution.

Other key members of the Steering Committee include prominent faculty members, administrative officials, and distinguished external experts from relevant fields. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise bring valuable perspectives to the table, facilitating well-informed and comprehensive discussions on various matters pertaining to the university.

The primary responsibilities of the Steering Committee involve formulating and implementing policies, strategic planning, resource allocation, and monitoring the overall performance of the university. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the university adheres to its mission of providing quality education, promoting research and innovation, and fostering an environment conducive to intellectual growth.

Furthermore, the Steering Committee collaborates closely with other university bodies, such as academic departments, research centers, and student organizations, to foster interdisciplinary cooperation and create an inclusive and vibrant academic community. They also engage with relevant external stakeholders, including government bodies, industry representatives, and community leaders, to forge partnerships and promote the university’s interests.

Through their guidance and oversight, the Steering Committee of the Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization, University of Mianwali strives to uphold the institution’s reputation as a leading educational hub in Pakistan. They work tirelessly to maintain academic excellence, drive institutional growth, and contribute to the overall development of students, faculty, and the society at large.

Dr. Tariq Usman

Assistant Director ORIC

Contact: 0459-920270 Ext 106


Office No. 1- Admin Block – First Floor