High Performance Liquid Chromatography

This system was commissioned by UMW to facilitate researchers of university and private industry as well as clinical samples for the separation and quantification of components in mixtures. It will provide a host of innovative features for quantitative and qualitative analysis. Simplify sample preparation, automate continuous analysis and monitor chromatograms remotely, for a new liquid chromatography workflow that grants you flexibility and peace of mind. Experience advanced features to enhance your HPLC experience, including ultra-low carryover with high-throughput design, a unique peak deconvolution function (i-PDeA), and solutions for automated and remote work with Analytical Intelligence.

It constitutes following parts:

  • Photodiode array detector (SPD-M40)
  • Degassing unit (DGU-20A)
  • Liquid chromatograph (LC-20AD)
  • Column oven (CTO-20AC)

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