The Department of International Relations at University of Mianwali would aim at being recognized as a leader among political science programs at institutions of comparable size and character. Pursuant to this goal, the Department would commit to excellence in teaching, scholarship and mentoring. By offering a distinctive program that would include opportunities for independent research, experiential learning and off-campus study, the Department promote scholarship in the International Relations discipline, civic participation and leadership.


The mission of the Department of International Relations would be to promote scholarship, leadership and responsible citizenship among students at University of Mianwali. The Department would provide a solid liberal arts curriculum that expose students to the principal subfields of the discipline and develop transferable skills of liberal learning. Actively involved in research, teaching and applied scholarship, the political science faculty would serve as mentors to students seeking academic challenge and civic involvement.


Great emphasis is being laid on International Relations as an academic discipline since 20th century. In the wake of globalization, free-trade and increasing influence of supra-state institutions world over, Political Science has gained all the attributes of dominating the world-scene in the 21st Century. The Department of International Relations would deal in the area of study which would encompass the global as well as domestic affairs. It would examine some of the critical issues of modern times, including the changing nature of international cooperation and conflict, the new character of warfare, the impact of globalization upon states and societies and the persistence of world problems such as poverty, migration and drug trafficking. The roles of state and non-state actors in shaping world politics in the new millennium are central to the study of Political Science, as is an understanding of how different visions of world order affect the prospects for peace and security.

In the era of globalization and regionalism, national survival is now premised on international orientation for which the nations strive not only to equip themselves with modern technologies in all fields but also with competencies in the management of trans-national relations.

To achieve this objective and to build future national leaders who would be capable of playing effective roles in government, political institutions, International Relations   and international organizations, the Department of IR has designed broad based Programs in Political Science & IR. The main objective is to provide the students with an education that develops an understanding of the national and international community socio-political and economic spheres.

BS Political Science


The duration required to complete this degree is 4 years.


Students are required to pass 8 semesters for the completion of this degree.

Credit Hours

Students must complete 132 credit hours for this degree.


At least 45% marks in Intermediate or equivalent


Muhammad Irfan

Visiting Lecturer

Dr. Syed Arslan Abbas

Visiting Assistant Professor