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 Biotechnology is the dynamic branch of biological sciences, which connect biology with the revolutionary technologies including machine learning, robotics, quantum mechanics, electrical engineering, and biosensing devices, materials designing, agriculture, industrial enzymology, genetic engineering, computational biology, digital health care and many more.
Biotechnologists have captured the market nationally and internationally especially in the fields of Agriculture, industries, health sector and to overcome the environmental problems. Socially it has both benefits and risks, and the main theme is to use knowledge for the benefits of mankind and nature. e.g., researchers were able to track the 2014 Ebola epidemic and now COVID-19 pandemic in real-time using DNA sequencing. Pharmaceutical companies are designing new anti-cancer drugs targeted at people with a specific DNA mutation. Entire new fields, such as personalized medicine, owe their existence to DNA sequencing technology. There are job opportunities in the fields of academics(teaching), Research organizations, environmental projects, tissue culture and genetic engineering labs, production of new varieties both in plants and animals, production of vaccines, vitamins, hormones, drugs etc.

Central Library is an academic hub of research and discovery for the UMW community. CL offers outstanding multidisciplinary resources and services in support to university academic and research objectives. This prestigious library of University of Mianwali has also been striving to support its users to solve the Socioeconomic issues prevailing these days. CL is equipped with all required sources of information both in hard and digital formats. In addition to the facilities, our library is committed to accomplish the most pivotal role in information acquisition, organization, retrieval, access and use. The managers have always been focusing on enhancing the quality of system and services. Students, faculty, researchers and other stakeholders are encouraged, motivated and facilitated to take maximum benefit of the library. It is a matter of satisfaction that we have developed our web online public access catalogue (OPAC) that can help the users to reach our library database worldwide and remotely accessible 24/7.

  • Digital copywriter
  • Editorial assistant
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Lexicographer
  • Magazine journalist
  • Newspaper journalist
  • Private tutor
  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Web content manager
  • Writer
  • BS Biotechnology 

BS Botany (4 Years)

The duration required to complete this degree is 4 years.

Students are required to pass 8 semesters for the completion of this degree.

Credit Hours
Students must complete 132 credit hours for this degree.

At least 45% marks in Intermediate with Biology as an elective subject or Equivalent qualification. English compulsory of 200 is mandatory for candidates from FATA.


Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan

Incharge/ Assistant Professor

Contact: 0459920270 Ext 134


Office No. 11 Academic Block-II – First Floor