Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at University of Mianwali strives for academic excellence in teaching and research by the implementation of quality assurance practices in order to meet the requirements of the stakeholders. This is achieved by benchmarking, implementing academic standards and integrating quality assurance practices in the teaching learning process.

Quality in terms of education is associated with continuous improvements, synchronized, efforts and unidirectional progression. All administrative units of the University work in close contact with the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) to uplift quality across the board with stability. The QEC provides overall assistance in all matters pertaining to the quality in the light of guidance from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and all affiliated councils. The cell is also responsible for implementation of quality protocols across all sections including IT Labs, library, and technology infrastructure. All administrative offices support QEC in this regard.

The role of QEC is multidimensional, that is engaged in student assessment, faculty assessment and system assessment at the same time. University of Mianwali extends full administrative and technical support for the enhancement and assurance of the Quality of Education.


  • To strengthen the transfer of information and knowledge, delivered to the students in the classrooms, research labs and during formal discussion sessions.
  • QEC is responsible for planning, guiding, promoting and continuous monitoring quality assurance (QA) and quality enhancement (QE) activities in the campus.
  • QEC plays a crucial and driving role to improve the university regional ranking.
  • It acts as a gateway for information
  • To meet the international standards of academic progress.
  • To organize professional training programs to train the faculty towards excellence.
  • Developing evaluation methods and to evaluate department and institutional assessments.
  • To participate in international rankings.
  • To create a close liaison with accreditation and governing councils for different degree programs.


The Quality Enhancement Cell performs many functions including preparation of the following documents for each program:

  1. Self Assessment Report
  2. Yearly Progress report
  3. Review of M. Phil Degree Program
  4. University Portfolio Report


Teacher and Course Evaluation

QEC conducts teacher and course evaluation through an online survey from the students twice a year.

University Rankings

QEC prepares data for University Ranking including Times Higher Education, QS and GreenMetric Rankings.

Pakistan Qualification Register

QEC updates Pakistan Qualification Register with programs offered by University of Mianwali.

Training and Capacity Building

QEC conducts trainings of faculty members in accordance with HEC guidelines for preparing program data like SARs, Teacher Evaluation etc.

Implementation Plans

QEC prepares implementation plans at the end of the self-assessment cycle for the development of academic programs and departments  


QEC reports about the quality of academic programs to the Vice-Chancellor and HEC.

Assistance in Recruitment Process

QEC staff is assisting university administration in the recruitment process for ensuring integrity and job specification.


  • Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Faculty Course Review Report
  • Survey of Graduating Students
  • Research student progress Review form
  • Faculty Survey
  • Survey of Department offering PhD
  • Alumni Survey
  • Employer Survey
  • Faculty Resume
  • Teaching / Learning Process Survey (Teacher Evaluation Form)

Ali Raza

Incharge QEC

Contact: 0459-920270 Ext 114

Email: qec@umw.edu.pk