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Botany is a subject of prime importance since the evolution of land and atmosphere. Plants are of immense importance for the continuity of life. They are the source of food, shelter, clothing etc. In the changing global environmental prospectus and climate change the importance of vegetation has enhanced many many folds to overcome the natural disasters and natural and anthropogenic issues facing the humanity like pollution, water shed management, soil erosion, food security, clean water etc. and global ecological issues. The Prime Minister of Pakistan vision is also the clean and green Pakistan which cannot be achieved without the plantation of vegetation and forests and the development of this sector. Department of Botany was started in 2013 at sub-campus Mianwali University of Sargodha. Initially BS Botany program was started and later on M Sc. classes were also introduced in 2015. Since then the department is progressing day by day and hundreds of students have completed their degrees and are serving in Government and non-governmental organizations and are also excelling their career in higher degree programs at different Universities. The department also started research activities in 2017 and completed their research thesis at BS and MSc. level and also published and are publishing their research articles in HEC recognized journals. The establishment of Department of Botany at Mianwali was the need of the hour as Mianwali is a district with diversified landscaping like the presence of mountains, deserts, plains, forests, meadows, and the Great Indus river and its encashment areas. These landscapes are occupied with different habitats having unique terrestrial and aquatic flora including phytoplankton which is still unexplored completely. This uniqueness of the area arises a need to further strengthen this Department and to start research in different areas of Botany. Since the area is rich in diversified flora so the research will help in the conservation of biodiversity of the area.

Central Library is an academic hub of research and discovery for the UMW community. CL offers outstanding multidisciplinary resources and services in support to university academic and research objectives. This prestigious library of University of Mianwali has also been striving to support its users to solve the Socioeconomic issues prevailing these days. CL is equipped with all required sources of information both in hard and digital formats. In addition to the facilities, our library is committed to accomplish the most pivotal role in information acquisition, organization, retrieval, access and use. The managers have always been focusing on enhancing the quality of system and services. Students, faculty, researchers and other stakeholders are encouraged, motivated and facilitated to take maximum benefit of the library. It is a matter of satisfaction that we have developed our web online public access catalogue (OPAC) that can help the users to reach our library database worldwide and remotely accessible 24/7.

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A career as a botanist can be the best choice for the students who are into plants, and the study of plants makes them happy. Botany can offer multiple career options to willing candidates. Students pursuing Botany as a career can opt for educational institutions, private or public sector companies in agriculture or forestry, biotechnology, environmental protection, drugs, genetics research, and food industries as career options.

Also, students can make a career for themselves outside the nation; ecologists, foresters, chemical biologists, taxonomists, etc. being their career options. Aspirants having a mathematics background can opt for genetics, biophysics, developmental Botany or system ecology. At the same time, a student with a chemistry background will have options like a molecular biologist, plant physiologist or plant biochemist in their bag.

Due to the drastic increase in air and water pollution in recent times, many new and powerful tools in technology and molecular biology have been created, which has indeed helped in fighting the climate change challenges. This also leads to great career opportunities for students, jobs dealing with electron microscopes, digital imaging analysis, radioisotopes, cell and tissue culture, etc.

Weed scientist, Taxonomist, Researcher, Conservationist, Plant physiologist, Ecologist, Plant geneticists, a Plant biochemist, Palaeobotanist, etc., are the other job opportunities for students willing to make their career in Botany. Other than exploring the world of Botany, the jobs will also help the candidates to peg handsome salary.

BS Botany (4 Years)


The duration required to complete this degree is 4 years.


Students are required to pass 8 semesters for the completion of this degree.

Credit Hours

Students must complete 132 credit hours for this degree.


At least 45% marks in Intermediate with Biology as an elective subject or Equivalent qualification. English compulsory of 200 is mandatory for candidates from FATA.


Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan

Incharge/ Assistant Professor

Contact: 0459920270 Ext 134


Office No. 11 Academic Block-II – First Floor