This system was commissioned by UMW to facilitate researchers of university and private industry as well as clinical samples.


  • No need for cuvettes—the optional fiber-optic probe delivers accurate results in a fraction of the time, improving your workflow and reducing your costs
  • Fast data collection—with a scan rate of up to 24,000 nm/min, you can scan the wavelength range in under 3 seconds and collect 80 points per second for kinetics measurements.
  • Sensitivity—detect pico-Molar amounts of fluorescein in both standard and micro cuvettes
  • Measure precious or biological samples with ease—the xenon flash lamp enables highly sensitive measurements on small volume samples to be made without sample degradation.
  • Flexibility—choose from fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence or bioluminescence collection modes, to provide a robust and versatile workhorse for all your analytical needs.