The establishment of the department of Psychology in University of Mianwali is a huge milestone on its own. The continuous efforts of Vice Chancellor and faculty members paved way to the inception of the department of Psychology in 2021, with the purpose of educating young minds and to embark upon the journey of research, innovation and lifelong learning.


The department aims at producing professionals who are trained in assessment, diagnosis and management of various psychological problems and who will prove to be a valuable asset to lessen the sufferings of people and to help them in living their lives to their full potential. The department further aims at motivating the students to come up various ideas and proposals for research projects. The department aims at training the students to carry out the research work efficiently and with ease.


Psychology is a study of human cognitions and behavior, it enlightens us with the understanding of how and why people behave and feel in a certain way. Studying Psychology will not only enable the individuals to understand others but it will also create a deep insight of the individuals about themselves. Psychology makes an individual capable of assessment and management of various psychological, emotional and behavioral problems faced by individuals hence, what else can be the blessing of Allah than to choose you as a healer of people’s mind, body and soul?

The University of Mianwali provides counseling services to the students in need. With the advancement in the technology and increasing pressure of the studies, the students are facing high levels of distress. The adjustment issues the students face in the first year of their university and in hostel life can’t be undermined. Various psychological and emotional problems of the students’ needs to be addressed. Therefore, counseling services are provided to the students to manage their problems and to empower them to be better able to cope up with the stressors in life.

There are various branches of Psychology that includes Sports Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Neuro Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. A sports psychologist can work with the national and international sports teams. A forensic psychologist can work in the police department. A psychologist can work as a university lecturer. There are vacancies of psychologists in Pak Army, Navy, Air force and Police. A clinical and counseling psychologist can do private practice by taking in person and online sessions to help those in need. The schools and universities hire psychologists to subside psychological problems of school and university students. Being a psychologist in itself is a full time job as you constantly take into account your own behavior and cognitions and put effort to improve yourself, hence becoming a trustworthy guide to look forward to.

The University of Mianwali is also planning to set up an experimental laboratory to carry out the experiments, clinical trials and practical work. The laboratory will be fully equipped with all the utensils and equipment needed to carry out the experiments.

The University of Mianwali has an ample collection of wide range of books on various branches of Psychology including Cognitive Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Educational Psychology, Sports Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

BS Psychology 

The duration required to complete this degree is 4 years.

Students are required to pass 8 semesters for the completion of this degree.

Credit Hours
Students must complete 130 credit hours for this degree.

At least 45% marks in Intermediate or equivalent (equivalence certificate is must) with Psychology
as an elective subject or FSc (Pre- medical / Pre-Engineering / ICS)

M.Sc Psychology 

The duration required to complete this degree is 2 years.

Students are required to pass 4 semesters for the completion of this degree.


Ms. Irfana Bibi

Incharge/ lecturer

Ms. Farwah Nasir

Visiting Lecturer

Ms. Shaista Zahid

Visiting Lecturer

Ms. Sadia Latif

Visiting Lecturer