University of Mianwali provides hostel facility to most of the out-stationed girls from all over Pakistan. In order to facilitate the students, the following facilities have been provided at the girl’s hostel.

  • Mess
  • Bed (bedding not included)
  • Prayer Room
  • Study Room
  • Electric Water Coolers
  • Geysers
  • High Speed Internet
  • Generator
  • 24 Hours Security


Dr. Khurram Shahzad Munawar


Sehla Nawaz

Hall Warden

Kiaenat Nazir

Assistant Superintendent

Syeda Humera Abid

Assistant Superintendent


The following SOPs should be followed during stay at the hostel:

  1. No day’s scholar is allowed in the hostel. Any student who brings her friends from university to hostel will be charged fine of Rs. 500.
  2. For stay of guests Rs. 450 will be charged per night.
  3. Students having medical issue will not be accompanied by the hostel. Their guardian/parents will be informed about their illness and they will have to look after them.
  4. No student is allowed to enter in the hostel after 04:30 PM. If anybody is coming later than the said period then it will be reported to their parents.
  5. Cleanliness of kitchen and washrooms is strictly to be maintained by the hostel students. 
  6. A student leaving the hostel premises after being issued exit slip will not be the responsibility of hostel or university administration.
  7. Make sure your entry on HOSTEL ENTRY/EXIT register regularly.
  8. Sign your pass slips from Warden/Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent one day before leaving the hostel. 

Violation of any rule will result in cancellation of the allocated seat.

The University of Mianwali provides hostel facilities to almost all the female students who apply for residence. The accommodation in each of these hostels comprises cubicles and dormitories. The students of the University are safe from health hazards. All the hostels are well guarded by foolproof round-the-clock security services through active security guards, and fenced boundary walls. 

Main facilities in each hostel include Furnished Rooms, Mess, Laundry, Canteen, TV Lounge, Internet, Common/Reading Room, Generator, Geysers, Water Coolers, Sports Facilities, Medical Facility, Ambulance Service, Repair & Maintenance and Security (24-hours).

  • Application form for hostel admission is to be filled and shall be submitted to the admission office duly recommended by the Chairperson of the concerned department.
  • The admitted students are required to pay the prescribed fee within seven days of approval. Fee is to be paid in the Bank of Punjab, Mianwali Branch, on the prescribed voucher. Failure in fee deposit may result in the cancellation of hostel admission.
  • To download admission form CLICK HERE

Hostel allotment at the University is based upon the following criteria:  

  • Allotment is done on merit basis and cannot be claimed as a matter of right even when the candidate is a bonafide student of the same University. Allotment will only be confirmed when Hostel Administration is satisfied regarding the merit and eligibility of the applicant.
  • Allotment is done for a period of the academic year and will be renewed every year after the deposit of annual charges and satisfactory performance.
  • The University reserves the right to render a candidate ineligible if a candidate is found simultaneously enrolled in some other degree, non-degree program at any other institution; part-time/fulltime job of any kind, involvement in any civil case, wanted by police/law enforcement agencies or been previously involved in any violation of the University rules/indiscipline in any manner as determined by the Hostel Administration.
  • Failed students who rejoin to complete their graduate/ postgraduate programs are also eligible for allotment of seats in the University hostels after verification from the relevant departmental heads. However, they may retain accommodation if they pay all the dues for the period concerned. This condition is subject to the availability of seats.
  • The refund of the security fee can be claimed only within six months after leaving the hostel subject to clearance.
  • The allotment of the room shall be valid subject to timely deposit of all the dues including room rent, utility bills, and mess charges.
  • The border shall sign a receipt of hostel commodities/ possessions in their rooms and shall be responsible for any loss or damage to them.
  • The boarders shall be responsible for keeping their rooms neat and clean.
  • Daily attendance of the boarders will be recorded during 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. All boarders are required to be present in their rooms.
  • A boarder absent from the hostel for a fortnight during an academic session (without permission) may lose his/her seat in the Hostel; his/her belongings will be taken into custody by the Superintendent. Any claim about the number and value of belongings by the resident may not be accepted and the hostel administration shall not be responsible for the security of taken over belongings after one month of such cancellation.
  • Hostel administration shall not be responsible for the loss of money, valuables, and other belongings of the boarders. Any reports of such thefts shall not be entertained.
  • The hostel administration reserves the right to cancel the hostel admission of boarder after one week of completion of her/his regular examination of the degree. Students engaged in thesis/dissertation may be allowed to stay beyond that time upon the recommendation of the Chairperson of the respective department for a period not exceeding one month.
  • Hostel administration shall have the right to inspect the rooms anytime. Refusing such inspection may invite disciplinary action.
  • The University reserves the right to revise, modify or change any of these rules/regulations. Boarders must abide by all instructions displayed on the hostel notice board from time to time.
  • Hostel mess shall be run by the Mess Committee under the supervision of Hostel Warden and Superintendent.
  • Special attention will be paid to the quality of food and cleanliness of kitchens and dining rooms.
  • At the end of the month, a monthly statement showing the dues of every boarder is displayed on the notice board.
  • The boarders are required to pay their dues within one week after receiving the challan form, failing which may cause a fine per day.
  • Boarders are permitted to have a private cooking arrangement in the students’ kitchen only if they desire so.
  • Each meal is available during the fixed mess hours. Food may not be served after the specified hours.
  • Boarders having complaints against any mess worker, may report to the Mess Committee instead of directly arguing with them.
  • Mess manager/mess committee is responsible for proper maintenance of mess and cleanliness of kitchen, utensils, dining hall and its surroundings.
  • A member intending to absent himself/herself from a meal must inform the mess manager two days before, otherwise he/she will be charged for it 
  • All borders are responsible to ensure their mess attendance.
  • Students residing in the hostels shall not hold any meeting or organize any activity without the written permission of the Warden and Superintendent.
  • No notice shall be posted on the notice board/walls/doors etc or circulated in the hostel without the prior written approval of the Warden and Superintendent.
  • No society, association or club shall be formed and no person shall be invited to address any meeting without the prior written permission of the Warden and Superintendent
  • Boarders, while going out of campus, are required to ensure entry in the short leave register at the main gate of the hostel, indicating their purpose and destination. Every boarder should report back to the hostel before hostel timings, as notified by the hostel/institute authority.
  • All students must reach back to the hostel at 04:30 p.m.

Violation of the following rules may cause action against the boarder by the hostel administration:

  • Keeping unauthorized persons in the room.
  • Staying outside the hostel without permission.
  • Keeping guests without permission from the Superintendent.
  • Shifting to a room, without permission of the Hostel Superintendent, other than the one allotted to the boarder.
  • Furniture items such as Charpai, Table, Chair and Almirah assigned to a particular room shall not be shifted from that room. The residing students of that allotted room shall return these articles, when leaving the hostel. They will also be responsible for any loss or damage of these articles.
  • Not vacating the room after the expiry of the allotment period.
  • Non-payment of Hostel dues within the specified time period.
  • Keeping fire-arms, lethal weapons including air-gun, contra banned drugs, toxic, and hazardous materials etc.
  • Involvement in any immoral, extremist and violent activity or creating nuisance or disturbance for the others.
  • Causing willful damage to the hostel property.
  • Barricading stairs, corridors, gates and other areas of general use in the hostel.
  • Use of hostel premises/rooms for political assemblies or against the purpose for which they are meant.
  • Inviting outsiders to address hostel boarders without permission of the Warden/ Superintendent.
  • Pasting of posters, wall-chalking, or slogans of any kind.
  • Playing of loud musical instruments in the rooms.
  • Defying instructions of the Hostel administration regarding general discipline and other matters.
  • Entertaining visitors other than those listed in the individual’s visitors list except with the permission of the Superintendent.
  • The hostel seat of any boarder may be cancelled at any time on violation of rules which cannot be challenged in any court and such a student cannot demand the refund of the security fee.
  • The boarders are required to abide by the hostel regulations and discipline enforced by the university from time to time.
  • Keeping electric appliances, such as TV, microwave, air cooler, air conditioner and refrigerator in the rooms without the permission of the Hostel Administration is strictly prohibited.
  • Outdoor games are not allowed in the hall’s premises.
  • No religious/social ceremony likely to injure the sentiments of other boarders is allowed in the hostel. No speaker from outside the University is permitted in the halls.
  • The allotment of a student will be cancelled who remains herself absent for one week from the hostel without prior permission/intimation to the concerning authority. However, she may seek readmission as admissible under rules.
  • Students must treat the hostel staff politely. The hostel staff is not supposed to render any private service to any student. Misbehavior with the staff is strictly prohibited. Complaints regarding misbehavior of the hostel staff should be reported to the relevant Assistant Superintendent/Hall Superintendent.