The Character Building Society (CBS) was formed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in various Universities to develop positive characteristics among the masses by educating them about various forms of evils and their effects on society.
History has demonstrated that the exhibition of high ethical values and societal norms along with the real character makes a community distinct from the rest. This is the same virtue by which a community gets the leadership in its environment. This status of a community depends on its individual members who are just, fair and honest in their dealings and deliberations. History also reveals that there are examples of both types of societies: those who could not maintain high ethical standings over a period of time, and those who managed through continuous struggle to achieve better ethical standings.
The club provides interactive sessions with well-known speakers at the campus. It also focuses on activity based events to involve its members to do volunteer work and to give them learning experiences. CBS inculcates a strict sense of self-discipline through personal examples, taking inspirations from social norms, ethical and religious values/ obligations. By doing so they aim to encourage students and teachers to discharge their obligations towards the community’s needs and expectations. CBS motivates students to harness their social, ethical and academic values in consonance with educational and cultural curriculum. CBS members are taught to act as whistle blowers against malpractices, corruption and related issues without any exploitative motive or design.


1- The main goal of this society is to provide exploration, build the character of students, to give an opportunity for knowledge, personality development.
2- To be able to achieve the dream of evil free University as well as the whole country, it is imperative to establish a linkage of NAB’s vision with the vision of character building of the youth.
3- To bring the youth and the notable, noble & character worthy persons of the society under its umbrella in order to give them feeling of ownership, honor and responsibility for spreading awareness regarding malpractices present in the society.
4- To develop ideal character of the citizens and society as a whole, leading to build a peaceful Pakistan.
5- Helping students to nurture their critical thinking and how to be self-dependent.



Dr. Shafiq Asif

Chief of Patron

Hina Firdous



Khuram Shehzad


Muhammad Saqlain

Vice President

Mubashira Laraib

Vice President

Jawad Hassan Khan


Sundas Tanveer


Umme Ammara

Media and Press Secretary


Arslan Khan

Ameer Muavia



Muhammad Saqlain