• The Debates at University of Mianwali (“TAKKRAR”) Society shall serve as the sole debating society in the University of Mianwali (“UMW”)
  • The mandate of “Debates” includes all formats and styles of Parliamentary Debates
  • TAKKRAR operates under the domain of the UMW Co-Curricular Activities Office, Vice Chancellor office
  • TAKKRAR is supervised and led by a Director and extended body exclusive to TAKKRAR
  • Whereas this Constitution is upheld by the Executive Council
  • TAKKRAR will operate in a manner respectful of the traditions and honor of UMW
  • UMDS Seek to advance the standard of debates within UMW


1.Encourage individuals to come forth and provide them with a base of operations to improve their debating and leadership skills

2.Promote the learning of debates and speaking through professional lectures, camps, workshops, and debate  tournaments with other universities or with in university

3.Encourage unprofessional  speakers to bring forth their talent

4.Create teams for events relevant to the fields of debating at both local and national levels



Mr. Essa Khan


Dr. Shafiq Asif

Urdu Content Judge

Dr. Tariq Usman

English Content Judge

Ms. Sehla Nawaz

English Content Writer

Ms. Syeda Humera Abid

Urdu Content Writer

Ms. Moniba Iqbal

Incharge Media and Promotion

Ms. Shazia Ameer

Debating Equity Incharge

Ms. Maria Gul

Incharge Marketing and Finance


Sidra Naseem


Zunaib Sadaf

Coordinator to General Body

Hira Aslam

Vice President

Ahmed Mustafa

Media promotion Secretary

Aqsa Kanwal

General Secretary

M. Adnan Taj

Finance Secretary


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