Pakistan is one of many countries throughout the world that are dealing with increasing environmental challenges, because of the wide spectrum of difficulties that affect Pakistan, the country’s legal, institutional, and judicial frameworks have had to adjust to fit the country’s increasingly complex, and at times grave, environmental situation. Only educational institutions can provide students with this knowledge. So, our esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, established the Environmental Protection Society (EPS) at the University of Mianwali.

Environmental Protection Society (EPS) is the practice of preventing pollutant emissions or minimizing the presence of polluting compounds in environmental media to maintain the environmental sustainability.


  • It will help to reduce the Carbon lever in the atmosphere and produce the Oxygen for living beings
  • Water Conservation will reduce the effects of drought and water shortages
  • It will make water available for recreational purposes
  • Limiting the use of Electrical Appliances will help to reduce the CO2 level in the atmosphere
  • Using Dustbins for waste materials is a best practice to avoid pollution
  • Less use of papers and electronic exchange of data will help to maintain a healthy environment
  • Recycling the waste materials will help to reduce the Air Pollution and Soil pollution
  • Driving your car less will help to reduce the Air Pollution and Noise Pollution
  • Less use of contaminants and toxic materials at home provides a healthy environment
  • Organic food is good for a healthier lifestyle

Hierarchical Structure of the Society


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