The University of Mianwali organized a seminar and an awareness walk today under the Anti-Dengue Campaign.
In this awareness campaign, Registrar University of Mianwali, Dr. Liaqat, Chairman Societies and Clubs, Mr. Irfan Niazi, Mr. Asad Amanullah (Focal Person to Dengue), Ms. Kainat (Department of Zoology), President Blood Donation Society, Jawad Hassan Khan, President Character Building Society, Hafiz Khuram Shehzad, and other students played their respective roles.

Addressing the seminar, Dr. Liaqat said:
“We should not just celebrate one day as a Dengue Day, we should celebrate this day every day, we should take care of the cleanliness of our environment, and we should make people aware of how dengue spreads or what dengue is harmful for them. People should be made aware of the precautions that are required to avoid dengue and we have to take these measures ourselves.”
Professor Asad Amanullah informed the students in detail about the dengue virus. This event was organized by District Population Welfare Office,
Addressing the participants, it was said that only precautionary measures against dengue fever can stop the spread of this deadly disease, therefore it is necessary to take such measures to prevent the spread of dengue mosquitoes in homes, Clean offices and surroundings, ensure drainage of rainwater, wear full sleeves, prevent water from accumulating in pots, utensils and wooden jars kept in houses while mosquito repellent lotion should be used to avoid mosquito bites. So thus is how we can stop the spread of this insidious disease.
At the end of the seminar, the participants conducted an awareness walk to create awareness among the people about the prevention of dengue virus.