The Music Society of UMW achieves excellence in music that is transferred to other areas of life. Our goal is not just to entertain but also to provide a creative outlet for students of UMW. Therefore, we strive to provide a platform for the promotion of music by organizing concerts and smaller events for those who want to be entertained, arranging gigs for those who want to entertain, cultivating and encouraging those who want to learn more about music, and bringing together aspiring musicians who wish to pursue music as a profession.

The Music Society of UMW supports and promotes artists within the institution but also provides a voice to rising stars across the Pakistani music industry. Starting from a small group of students practicing their music in a small gathering, it has now become an organized mega-society with an active membership of over students. We believe that the Pakistan music industry is in a critical stage of its revival, with an ever-growing audience, and a pool of talent that is expanding just as rapidly. In such promising times, the Music Society of UMW is eager to play its part in furthering the endeavors of those before it.


  • Provide platform for musical experiments.
  • Provide meeting places for discussions and society activities throughout the year.
  • Execute UMW Music Festival with more participants from across the country.
  • Plan and execute approved events, and provide workshops on music.

Promote original content of society members through different platforms.

  • Provide the society members a chance to perform on stage and showcase their talent.
  • Provide music lessons on production, or instrument learning to aspiring musicians.
  • Plan and execute approved events, while maintaining a healthy and inclusive society culture


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