Article – Gift Them Life by Muqaddas Hussain

In our lives, we exchange cheerful feelings and happy days with lots of people, we stay together, we laugh together, but what about our miseries, hardships and sufferings? Gifts are very precious, and gifting someone something is precious too. We gift people lots of materialistic things, what if we gift someone LIFE? What if we gift someone a chance to live? All these questions can be answered, all our wrongs can be converted into rights, all our sorrows can be converted into happiness’s, just by turning our head to the other side, by burning our thoughts in the fire of enthusiasm and cordiality to help someone, by curing not the diseases but the hearts of people.
Today I am going to write on the topic on which words should be written, actions should be taken, and hearts should be shaken. The topic of life and death, happiness and sadness, height and depth. Being the member of University of Mianwali Blood Donation Society (UMWBDS), and most specifically of human race, I want to throw some light on the most needed awareness regarding blood donation, but at first I will briefly introduce my society to you.
University of Mianwali Blood Donation Society (UMWBDS), is a society of people, who are ever willing to serve the needy patients at any rate. Enthusiasm, motivation, focus and hard work are the basic principles on which the society works.
Preceding ahead, the main point which I want to emphasize is the very title of my article, “Gift Them Life”. The purpose behind my writing this article is actually to put forward some fears, hesitations, and insecurities of the donors and to suggest the solutions in an emotional wrapping. It would be a bitter truth to say that day by day, the number of thalassemia patients are increasing, but the number of donors are decreasing at the same speed. Why is this so? We as a team meet a lot of people who put forward their own excuses to escape from blood donation. Some have fears regarding future health problems, some fear their parents and many more, but I would say to give up these excuses! If you are able to donate blood, then you should, because there is a prescribed timetable for donors who are in good health and can donate blood easily , about how and when they can donate blood, and after how much time.
Try to connect to the needy not just through prayers, and best wishes but sometimes through blood and heart. Those little, innocent faces have a right to live, those flowers want to grow, and what is needed, just your support. If someone can’t donate blood and there is genuine reason, then it’s okay but still he or she is able to motivate other people to take part in this heavenly activity of gifting life to people. We being humans should not just know but feel the necessities of someone’s life. So, Give them a chance to live, GIFT THEM LIFE!

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