Biorisk Management Training at Biotechnology Department University of Mianwali.

The Biotechnology Department at the University of Mianwali took a significant step towards ensuring a safer and responsible working environment within laboratory settings by conducting a highly successful two-day BRM (Biorisk Management) refresher training in collaboration with the esteemed Association of Biorisk Management (ABM). The training was conducted on 12th and 13th of July 2023 and the program aimed to equip students and faculty members of the Department with essential knowledge and practical expertise to effectively manage biorisks associated with laboratory practices.

The primary purpose of the training was to create awareness among the participants regarding the potential biohazards that can arise in laboratory environments and the crucial steps required to mitigate these risks. Biorisk management is a critical aspect of biotechnological research, and the training aimed to develop a culture of responsibility, accountability, and safety in all facets of laboratory work. By familiarizing the attendees with biosafety, biosecurity measures, risk assessment protocols, and safe laboratory practices, the department aimed to reduce the likelihood of incidents, contamination, and other hazardous situations, ultimately ensuring the well-being of both researchers and the environment. The two-day training program featured a comprehensive curriculum that included interactive workshops, informative lectures, and hands-on practical exercises. Participants were encouraged to engage actively and share their experiences, facilitating a dynamic learning environment. Experts and seasoned professionals Dr. Muhammad Tayyeb and Dr. Amriz khan from ABM played a pivotal role in delivering the training, offering their invaluable insights and expertise to the eager audience. The collaboration between the University of Mianwali and ABM proved to be a synergistic partnership, combining academic excellence with practical know-how from the field, enhancing the overall impact of the training.

The Biotechnology Department would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to the Association of Biorisk Management (ABM) for their unwavering support and collaboration throughout the planning and execution of the program. Their expertise and guidance significantly contributed to the program’s quality and effectiveness, enriching the learning experience for all participants. Moreover, special thanks to the Worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, Dr. Haris Ahmed Khan (Lecturer, Biotechnology), Miss Nida Fatima (Lecturer Biotechnology) and UMW administration.

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