Botany Department, University of Mianwali Promotes Soil Awareness and Sustainable Living

To raise awareness about World Soil Day , the Botany Department at University of Mianwali organized a multifaceted event that encompassed education, hands-on activities, and the promotion of sustainable practices. The highlight of the event was a seminar that delved into the significance of soil in our ecosystem, emphasizing its vital role in agriculture, nutrition, and environmental health. Worthy VC Prof. Dr. I.U. Khan, Dr Sumreen Dawood, Dr Aneela Nijabat (Faculty of Botany Department, UMW) and Guest Speakers: Dr. Safdar Bashir (Associate Professor, Ghazi University, DGK), and Mr. Asghar Hussain Shah ( Head of Soil & Water Testing Department, Mianwali) shared valuable insights, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of soil conservation. The day kicked off with an awareness walk, where students, faculty, and participants marched to spread the message of responsible soil management and sustainable living. Adding a practical touch to the initiative, participants engaged in seed sowing of various vegetables for kitchen gardening. The Botany Department’s initiative successfully combined education, action, and creativity to underscore the importance of soil in our daily lives.

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