Study Trip to NovaMed – Department of Chemistry

A study tour to NovaMed was arranged by the Department of Chemistry on 26 December ‎‎2021. The purpose of this study tour was to provide the students a chance to ‎see the manufacture & distribution of various medicines & drugs at laboratory ‎& commercial level. Novamed Healthcare (Private) Ltd. Lahore was chosen for ‎study tour purpose.

This tour benefited the students in many ways; it not only ‎gained the knowledge about manufacture of various multivitamin & other ‎medicines but also they got some good demonstration about their future carrier ‎as a Chemist in Pharmaceutical industries. After the whole day learning ‎activity the students were taken to Lahore Safari Zoo where they refreshed by ‎having a look at different exotic birds & animals kept in natural environment. ‎This successful study tour reflects the fact that the University of Mianwali ‎strives to elevate its students to the requirements of modern world of science ‎and to provide the world with high quality scholars

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