UMW has organized a seminar of Anti-Dengue Campaign

The University of Mianwali has organized a seminar on the awareness of Anti-Dengue Campaign.
In this session Chairman Societies and Clubs, Mr. Irfan khan , Asad Qurashi, Head ERozagar centers and UMW students played their respective roles.
While addressing the seminar, Muhammad Irfan khan brief the students in detail about the dengue virus. it was also instructed that only serious precautionary measures against dengue fever can stop this fatal disease from spreading.Therefore, it is necessary to take such measures in prevailing of dengue mosquitoes at homes, offices and surroundings.We also have to ensure drainage of rainwater, wear full sleeves shirts, prevent water from accumulating in pots and ponds, utensils and wooden jars kept in houses. Mosquito repellent lotion ought to be used to avoid mosquito attack. This is how we can stop the spread of this insidious and acute disease.
At the end of the seminar, the broachers were distributed among the Students ,Non Guzted staff and other people to create awareness about the prevention of dengue virus.

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