Study visit to District Diagnostic Lab, Mianwali –Department of Zoology

A study visit to District Diagnostic Lab was arranged by department of Zoology on 9th February 2023. The purpose of this study visit was to provide the students a chance to know about microbial perspective of human and animal development that provides opportunities to refine our definitions of healthy pre- and postnatal growth and to develop new strategies for disease prevention and treatment. Student were also taken to the Veterinary Hospital Mianwali, where the expert doctors delivered lecture on increased safety of the animals and producer, increased production efficiency and better genetics. This successful study visit reflects the fact that the University of Mianwali ‎strives to elevate its students to the requirements of modern world of science ‎and to provide the world with high quality scholars.

A special thanks to Worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, Dr. Khurram Shahzad Munawar (Head of Department Zoology), Dr. Zahida Nasreen, Ms. Shiza Unab, Ms. Kiaenat Nazir (Department of Zoology ), Dr. Haris Ahmad Khan (Department of Biotechnology)  and Mr. Asfand Qadir ( Department of Botany) who made the tour successful.

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