WWF Seminar on “Conservation of Biodiversity in Pakistan” in Collaboration with Department of Zoology UMW

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) seminar held at Department of Zoology on 14th June, 2023. The session was quite motivational and informative. The seminar aimed to raise awareness about environmental conservation, wildlife protection and sustainable practices. The event served as a platform to educate and engage students and faculty members in discussions surrounding global environmental challenges and potential solutions.

Senior Officer Conservation WWF (Mr. Muhammad Munawar Iqbal) delivered a lecture and also shared his knowledge and expertise with faculty members and students of Department of Zoology. He also shared the latest research, techniques and strategies in his seminar that are used to protect and conserve wildlife.

Mr. Muhammad Munawar Iqbal spoke about the marine biodiversity of Pakistan, its importance, threats faced by Marine life and the need to protect our marine ecosystem. He mentioned the significance of preserving the country’s diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife including blind Indus Dolphin, Snow Leopard and Vultures. He highlighted WWF-Pakistan’s role as a research-based conservation organization that continues to work closely with the academia and research organizations and gets benefits from their findings in the implementation of various initiatives. At the end of session in discussion with management hierarchy, he ensured that WWF will collaborate with the University of Mianwali to engage the students in creating environmental awareness and capacity building training on our current environmental issues and their conservation etc. to meet the overall objectives of conservation and sustainability.

Dr. Zahida Nasreen, (Incharge of the Zoology Department) delivered a vote of thanks to the resource person Ms. Shiza Unab appreciating the exceptional efforts and the resource persons’ professional and congenial approach for the Seminar. While addressing the audience she said that in the 21st Century world, the most pressing problem faced by the mother earth is extinction of species, recurring natural disasters, erratic climatic condition and depletion of natural resources. In such situation- for a better world, conservation of biodiversity is the utmost necessity and it requires people participation and multidisciplinary approach in solving environmental problems.

The ending ceremony was graced by the presence of worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan. He highlighted the significance of such seminars and emphasized on the university’s commitment to promote excellence in research and scientific methodologies. He also assured his continuous support in arranging such joint activities to promote safe research culture in the region. A special thanks to worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan for his tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence in transforming the UMW into a beacon of learning and creating a conducive environment for everyone.

Sincere appreciation to Dr. Zahida Nasreen (Incharge of Department of Zoology) and Ms. Shiza Unab (Resource person) who made the session successful.

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